Cost of Application

Canadian Citizenship Application Fees

  • It costs CAD$630 for an adult to apply for Canadian Citizenship without the use of a representative.
  • It costs CAD$100 for a minor’s application, provided they are under the age of 18 when the application is submitted.

$100 of the adult fee is refundable if your application is refused.

If you use a representative, you will have to pay their fees as well.

If more than one member of your family is applying for Canadian citizenship at the same time, pay all of the fees at once. Use the following table:

Type of ApplicationNumber of PersonsTotal per personAmount due
Adult (18 and older)$630
Child (Under 18) $100
Total payment

For example, if you, your spouse, and your 2 children (both under 18) are applying for citizenship at the same time, the calculations would be as follows:

2 x $630 = $1,260

2 x $100 = $200

Total = $1,460

Note: If your fees are not paid, or are insufficient, your application will be returned. If your fees are overpaid, your application will be processed and the IRCC will send you a refund as soon as possible.


Online Fee Payment for a Canadian Citizenship Application

You need the following:

  • Valid email address;
  • Visa, MasterCard, or American Express Credit Card, OR
  • Prepaid Credit Cards with raised (embossed) numbers on the front only, OR
  • Debit Card from BMO, Scotiabank, RBC, or TD.

Go here for information on how to pay online.

Remember to PRINT YOUR RECEIPT before exiting the online payment site. Your printed receipt is the only acceptable proof of online payment of fees.

You are no longer allowed to pay your fees at a financial institution in Canada using the IMM 5401.


Can I pay for my citizenship application in instalments?

No, you must pay the fees all at once.


What if I don’t have a credit card or debit card to pay my IRCC fees?

You’ll have to purchase an eligible prepaid credit card as you can only pay online with eligible payment methods – cash, check or money order are not acceptable.


How long does it take to process my citizenship application?